Dry Winter Skin Against All Raiders

in Winter
Winter came, the weather becomes dry. Many people suffer from skin dry oxygen, dry mouth, a sore throat, nosebleeds, eye fat astringent, skin itching, poor stool, urine yellow, Huoqi Tai, bad ankle and so on. To Zizi Wet your way through the winter, so we diet and Life Customary to start with, dried completely in winter to find against the Raiders manual.

Diet articles: 1, to moisture can not escape the water, so must drink plenty of water in the winter. Eight glasses of water a day had said, may not necessarily enough in the winter, especially the situation of relatively high temperature, they should drink plenty of water. You can also drink some chrysanthemum tea, Honeysuckle tea Runzao internal heat. Iced drink less in winter as things easy for the body exposure to cold, stomach upset occurs.

2, prevention of angry, to eat less spicy, hot, deep-fried Food . If , rinse Lamb , Pot So.

3, eat radish, melon, mushrooms, bitter melon, jelly and other Runzao food. Health radish can throat clear throat, falling gas appetizer of removing heat from cooking can be eaten raw to salad can be soup, but is harmless to eat. Melon is sweet and cool, with heat and thirst quencher, diuresis swelling and other effects that can be used Cough Phlegm, mind upset so.

4, some Fruit Can also "internal heat." As Apple , Pears, oranges, etc., "lit" who want to eat some pineapple, bananas, oranges.

5, grapefruit drink tea, Honey Water has the role of lungs and to dry.

6, eat rich Vitamin A food. Such as carrot juice, tomato juice, fish oil, animal liver.

7, eat more foods rich in collagen may also play Moisturizing Effect. If trotter, chicken feet, Pigskin Frozen.

Skin care articles: 1, Cleansing. Select both gentle and moisturizing ingredients Cleansing Milk Cleanser, water temperature control according to their own circumstances, the proposed alternate use of hot and cold water.

2, after cleansing, be sure to use a good moisturizing toner. Dry skin will be drier in the winter, be sure to use the full range of moisturizing skin care products; and mixed skin should be made for appropriate care in different parts of the face T-type than the oil part of the use of fresh products, for dry areas do focus Hydrating Care .

3, eyes and lips should not be overlooked. Facial skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin is most prone to wrinkles the site. As the weather is cold, the blood around the eyes Cycle Slow down, so winter should first strengthen the resistance of the skin and prevent dark circles generation. Should always be Massage Eye skin, promote blood circulation. 2 to 3 times per week do care Eye Mask.

4, Lip Care. Chapped lips is the most likely problems in winter. Water is the cause lip wrinkles and lips dry and peeling emerged the main reason for carrying high quality lip balm is very necessary, especially with moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E lip balm best, which can keep lips moist lips to prevent drying Peeling.

5, the same can not be ignored neck moisture. Leak age, the neck is the easiest, so take advantage of it without losing flexibility pattern emerged when the neck, rushed to care. Neck care using the best specialized care cream.

6, body care. Winter without a bath every day, every other time you can wash a couple of days. Bath must use more moderate, less alkaline great. Best to use after a bath or body treatment cream Emulsion Painted on the body and avoid body itchy skin.
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Dry Winter Skin Against All Raiders

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