Fashion accessories winter 2009-2010

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In winter, more than ever, you can use a large number of accessories. What are fashion accessories winter 2009-2010 should have in the wardrobe of every woman?

Winter - it's time fur, cashmere, tweed. Such luxury is impossible to demonstrate in the summer.

Initiate a review of fashion accessories offer with headgear. Keep warm and practical hats with earflaps for the fierce cold. And while the weather permits, choose something elegant. This may be a soft cap of felt or mischievous cap. Such a turn would bring freshness to your image. Actual wide-brimmed hat. These hats look effectively, if they decorate with artificial flowers or other decorations massive. If you are young and your body and soul, you the sun always shines, the wide-brimmed hats is worn all year round. Select an accessory native Parisian woman - a black beret artfully zalomlenny. It will give your look a little languor, a little playfulness. But the Italians prefer to knit hats, which came from the seventies. Just vintage, which is now gaining increasing popularity.

Summer - time for a deep neckline, and winter - during warm scarves. And this accessory is not only warm you in cold winter weather, but also help to express your style and individuality. In women, scarf is also the case that an expensive tie for men. Elegant scarf - a symbol of fashion able women. Relevant broad wool scarf, knitted from melange yarn. You can select a scarf of cashmere bright saturated colors. And in order to emphasize the elegance of an evening dress, suit scarf black brocade, trimmed with gold.

It is impossible to imagine a modern woman with no bags in hand. Handbag this winter is very practical. Finally, the designers paid attention to the bags for laptops. So where did the modern lady without a computer. And who would have thought capacious cases can be quite feminine. Perfect colors for women's handbags - classic black and brown. Top of elegance - a handbag to match the coat. And together with the relevant leopar dovye colors.

And what's the stress waistline? Belt this season actual classic. Leather black, very broad. You can, alternatively, take the brown and cashmere. Be sure to tie a bow or frivolous. If you choose a metal or a silver belt, it should consolidate just below the waist or even on the thighs. And here are from tweed to match the dress better slightly lowered - looks very impressive.

But what warmed our feet? Tights. They not only protect against the cold, but also emphasize the elegance of women's feet. This is perfect to hide minor flaws, such as excess hair, pale skin or scar. In the summer, when all the show, such liberty does not allow. In the meantime, you can relax. This winter, the most fashion able and stylish are pantyhose or stockings with an arrow. This classic seduction. You can choose a pair of longitudinal strips. Color - all shades of brown from coffee with milk, ending with dark chocolate. Top of sexuality - stockings with lace. But this is a very intimate part of the toilet. It should appear just before a loved one.

Finally, the shoes. At the peak of their popularity boots. All the leading fashion houses have focused on this accessory. The length of the jackboot varies from the knee to the breeches. The most interesting model, in my opinion, are the boots from Chanel. In fact it is high heels, and it is attached knee pads made of leather with laces. An alternative may be considered high boots patent leather boots. Heels should be high, but nevertheless stable. Although you can do without a heel for a solid sole.

Each of the fair sex knows from an early age that the accessory - the decisive touch attire. Incorrectly chosen accessory can completely ruin with such care chosen costume.

Take into account new trends in fashion , but do not forget about style and elegance.

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Fashion accessories winter 2009-2010

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This article was published on 2010/12/20