Get Your Skin And Hair Winter-ready

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After growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, I knew virtually nothing about drastic weather changes around fall and winter. I was wholly ignorant about winter dryness when I eventually relocated to northern Utah. That's why I was such a shock to me when my first snowy winter led the skin on my hands to crack and bleed--ouch!

Now I know that both skin and hair need special attention in order to be equipped with necessities to survive and thrive during the harsh winter months. If you have just relocated to a snowy environment or you are always struggling to keep lustrous locks and nourished skin during this time of year, then listen up!

First, start with good habits. Always get in the habit of carrying hydrating lip balm and a small tube of healing hand moisturizer, and use them both--often... even when you don't think you need them. The point is to prevent cracking and bleeding instead of trying to heal the damage after it has already developed.

However, bear in mind that you will most likely need heavier artillery than the normal body lotions, creams, and balms that you use through other parts of the year. In my experience, most body lotions are lacking as it is, and winter sucks even more moisture than the rest of the seasons. Baby oil is another good option to use on your hands and troubled areas on your body, but it can get messy and takes longer to be absorbed.

During the coming months, I highly recommend that you avoid hand sanitizers that contain alcohol, as they are deleterious to the skin's suppleness and sucks natural moisturizers. There are sanitizers free of alcohol, which are one option to consider if you are unable to wash your hands and apply lotion.

Your coif is under heavy strain during this season. The dryness of the atmosphere sucks the natural oils from scalp and tresses alike. Regularly scheduled deep conditioning treatments at a local hair salon will be tremendously beneficial during this period. A hair salon in Salt Lake City has done wonders for my hair, keeping it glossy and nourished despite the tough winter weather.

Avoid purchasing deep conditioners at drugstores, as many of them contain paraffin wax, which does not help the hair; instead, it simply coats it and decreases manageability, especially when snow inevitably wets many strands. If you want a product that will give you results at home, then ask your stylist to point you in the right direction.
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Get Your Skin And Hair Winter-ready

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This article was published on 2010/10/30