Preparing For Winter

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November through March may get very cold and sometimes it may be very dangerous to your plumbing. You may find yourself in a cold winter day spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.
Some of the more expensive problems could be avoided with some simple, inexpensive actions. Well it may also vary from one geographic location to the other - so I guess winter in Pueblo may be different from a winter in Winter Park. following only a few simple tips and some inexpensive materials you may prepare for a harsh winter season:

External pipes to your kitchen Many older homes have their water plumbing entering through the outside walls (in newer construction it may come from beneath the kitchen cabinets). Having warm air (from your heated room temperature) around your sink plumbing may help so on cold nights open the cabinets door under the sink and in colder nights bring your little warm air blower to heat that cabinet. Next winter have your pipes insulated (I guess you had this problem last winter too).

Furnace Have a professional check it (once a year). Replace the filter regularly and dont be cheap on them. A clogged $12 furnace filter may cause problems with the air flow and create inefficiency with your heating system.

Humidity - Consider adding a humidifier in dry and elevated areas. Moist air contains heat better and you will sleep better.

Blow Out Water Call a professional that will come with the proper compressor to blow away any water that might have stayed in your irrigation system, sprinklers, pools or other outdoor pipes. Most of these systems will need a professional to do it with a special compressor.

It is always recommended to advice with a professional plumber especially if this is your first winter as a home owner in Colorado.

Have a warm and safe winter!

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Preparing For Winter

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This article was published on 2010/12/16