Warmth In Winter Season

in Winter


This year the weather in winter is extraordinarily cold. It have snowed for already three times and recently the temperature is often below zero degree centigrade. It seems like the coldest winter in my memery. In fact, it seldom snows in winter season in my country. I hate coldness very much, because i get cold easily.
shrinking to the coldness and in low spirits. My skin is so dry that in this cold winter, my hands and feet are already frozen. Therefore, I feel painful every day. I live near to my company, so I could go to my office by foot. Perhaps it is very convenient in many people’s eyes. I also feel I am lucky in the beginning. However, in this extremly cold winter, walking on the street is not a comfortable thing. The wind blows like a knife on my face and my feel like that I am almost blown away by the strong wind. I have to staggered across the street with a crouching head in the morning and evening every day. Several days ago my busband recommended me in the morning when I was to go out to my company that I could wear my silk scarf. The moment I wear my silk scarf, I feel warm from my deep heart. I almost forget the cold wind.
These years I worked in a city which is remote from my hometown. I am the youngest daughter in my family and it seems natural that I am the most spoilt girl from my childhood. Now I have grown up and had my own family, but I often miss my remote hometown and my dearest parents. Every time when I see my blue silk scarf, I think of my kind father, because it is he that sent the scarf to me. It has become my valuable memory. When I was a young girl in a high middle school, my family economical condition was not very good. Many of my female classmates wear beautiful clothes in famous brands. However, it is almost a kind of extravagant hope for me. I seldom buy new clothes or toys at that time. I did not blame that on my parents, as I knew they always gave me the best. They were both very diligent and thrifty, especially on their own lives. I envied my rich classmates, but I had to put up with it. However, one day in a winter, my father gave me a surprise. I still remember the day clearly. When I was about to leave for my school in the cold winter moring, he suddenly took out a silk scarf in blue color and told me that it was for me. I felt quite surprised and happy. I really did not imagine that my father would buy a beautiful silk scarf for me. I never mentioned that I wanted a scarf and my father was not so considerate in my eyes before. 
love them. Hope they will not feel cold no matter how cold the weather is.


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Warmth In Winter Season

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This article was published on 2011/01/12