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Winter is the best season to accessorize as much as you want. Because of the cold, snowy days ahead, you have the excuse to wear layers of clothes and mix and match a variety of garments. Since most of us don't have the luxury of wearing different coats every day, the best way to avoid monotony is to have several pieces of winter scarf in the armoire. By wearing scarves this does not mean you just have to wear a different color to establish a kind of change. You need to make sure that the style and texture of your scarves work well with your overall ensemble. To spare yourself from winter fashion faux fas, here are some tips on how to carry your winter scarf with confidence.

If you're in a corporate environment that requires a strict business formal look, you'll need a flattering coat made of wool that can fully warm you during walks to and from the office. The length of the coat will depend on the size and shape of your dress, though it is always recommended to wear a three quarter length winter coat in order to get the most comfortable warmth. Formal clothes made of wool can best be complemented by an elegant scarf made of cashmere. The color of the scarf depends on your preferences. You can opt for bright, feminine colors if you want to reveal a bubbly, girly attitude, and you can choose to stick to subdued colors like gray, blue, and white if you want to be display sophistication and conservativeness.

During weekends or after-work hours wherein you want to wear a more laidback outfit, you can stick to your favorite pairs of jeans and pretty sweaters. Just make sure that you equip your closet with two to three pieces of stylish casual winter jackets to come up with a variety of street ensembles. For these looks, you are actually free to use whatever color and length of scarf that you want. Tie the scarf by doing a double flip—put the garment around your neck, cross the ends at the back, and bring them to the front side.

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Winter Scarf

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This article was published on 2010/10/07